We, human beings, are amazing! We are so beautiful!
We are such powerful creatures!

Yet, we keep running different tapes in our heads!

We choose to play those tapes which tell us that who and what we are, is just not good enough...not smart/ beautiful/ thin/ loveable/ athletic enough, and many other "not-enoughs".

When our mind is so full of those self-inflicting judgments, we are not free to see the wonder which we are. In fact, we don't really know who we are. We only know that which we keep reciting subconsciously…that we don't measure up.
…and it is painful to not be good enough…and to harbor negative emotions…

Over the past decade, I have been working with my client's subconscious belief systems to gently release limiting programs/beliefs/emotions and reconnect them to the love that they naturally are. This opens for them an avenue of tremendous joy and healing.
In my private sessions I integrate hypnosis, energy work and intuitive healing to optimize the efficiency of the process.

I am a member of the National Guild of Hypnotist, and am a certified Hypnotherapist and Self- Hypnosis instructor. I am also certified as a ThetaHealing® practitioner and a Reiki practitioner.

It will be my honor to assist you with your journey.

About Taly Viner

Taly Viner C.H is a healer, hypnotherapist, life-coach, speaker and a group facilitator.

Taly was born and raised in Israel. As a child she had numerous metaphysical experiences that allowed her to see aspects of a broader reality. Those experiences were profound and sparked her interest in mysticism and in metaphysics.

Over the past two decades Taly acquired certifications in a few healing modalities, including Reiki, Homeopathy, 5-PATH® Hypnosis, 7th Path® Hypnosis and ThetaHealing®.

Taly has been working with her clients’ subconscious belief system to gently awaken them to their innermost truth. She works holistically to achieve a more harmonious state of spirit mind & body, as she compassionately guides her clients to reach a higher state of awareness and assists them to reconnect with their natural state of love and joy.

Taly works in various health facilities such as hospitals and healing centers, and is passionate about reawakening people to the love that they are.

She currently resides in Southern California.


Reiki is a technique of “hands on” healing. It is based on the universal belief in a life force energy that flows through and sustains all living things. If the life force energy is weak or imbalanced, one is more likely to develop symptoms and get sick. Yet, if the energy is balanced and strong, one is thought to be more likely to enjoy good health.

In a Reiki healing session, the practitioner “channels” life force energy through his palms and into the client’s energetic field. This is done either by directly placing the hands on specific parts of the body, or by healing the aura. Clients usually report a general sense of calm and well being. Some report leaving more energized and some more calm and restored.

Reiki is a safe, effective and natural method of healing. Its benefits are now being recognized by various groups of Doctors and health practitioners. It is even endorsed by Hospitals in different parts of the world.


Hypnosis is:

Hypnosis is defined as “a heightened state of Suggestibility”. Suggestibility is the degree to which one accepts suggestions. A hypnotic trance is a natural state of mind, which we have all experienced spontaneously thousands of times in our lives. It is a very effective technique to help change habits, overcome phobias and other persistent limiting conditions.

Hypnosis is NOT:

It is NOT a mind-control technique that will make you surrender your persona. Nor can the hypnotist override your own will, or make you accept suggestions that are not congruent to your moral system. Hypnosis is NOT a truth serum, and will not make you or anyone else “spill the beans”. Even in Hypnosis, you are always in control!

How does Hypnosis work?

It is difficult to change our lives by the power of logical thinking alone!
Thinking, analyzing and rationalizing are all functions of the Conscious Mind which is about 2%-5% of your total consciousness. The other 95%- 98% are your subconscious mind and unconscious mind. The Subconscious mind is the endless “bank” that contains all of your memories, “programming”, habits and beliefs. Emotions that you feel today are generated in the subconscious, based on your beliefs and past experiences. In other words – Your past has everything to do with how you experience your life in the now. Hypnosis allows an access to the “feeling part of the mind”. With the use of hypnosis we can easily get to the root of the issue, change limiting beliefs and neutralize negative emotions, thus creating more internal peace and balance.

Can anyone be hypnotized?

Anyone with normal intelligence, who is willing to relax and “give it a go” can be hypnotized.

What conditions are successfully treated with Hypnosis?
  • Getting rid of any unwanted habit / addiction (Overeating, smoking, nail biting, drinking, or any other excessive behavior)
  • Overcoming anxiety, fears and phobias
  • Release of trauma
  • Release negative emotions
  • Improve performance (studying skills, athletic performance, sexual performance, etc.)
  • Past Life Regression / Spiritual insight

Intuitive healing

We are Spiritual Beings having a human physical experience. We are very complex, multi-dimensional beings.

Life keeps happening…over and over again…and we keep changing and shifting…learning and unlearning through our experiences, thoughts and feelings.

Here, on earth, our attention wonders to a denser reality, and we seem to disconnect from or rather lose awareness of the vastness, which we are only a part of. We learn to listen mostly to our ego, and stop hearing spirit. We forget the beautiful, loving essence that we all are, as we learn to trust only our earthly five senses.

There is a common thread that runs through all philosophies and all religions as to the meaning and purpose of life. It is called Unconditional Love. The approach may be different, but there is an agreement that we should aspire to find the experience of such Love in everything and in everyone…in joy as in heartbreak.

Intuitive healing, at its highest form, includes those truths as the essence of the work done. With the grace of Spirit, the information that comes through in a healing session is so loving and so wise, and is always in the clients highest and best good. Spirit knows the heart. Spirit knows the source for the heart’s desires and its pain…and Spirit heals with wisdom and compassion. I am simply the conduit.


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