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What is Natural Health?

Our body is a wonderful machine that works day in, day out for our survival.

It is animated by an intelligent force that constantly monitors all its internal processes so that it can self-correct. When it gets out of balance, the body takes actions to restore its own health—if we do not get in its way.

You see, nature operates according to predetermined laws and order.

When you observe nature, you can easily notice that it generously provides every species with the optimal conditions for its survival: foods, habitat, etc. Any animal that lives according to nature’s intentions thrives.

Almost all babies are born healthy and vital, yet most adults suffer from one chronic condition or another.

Why? What causes sickness to develop?

According to the natural hygiene philosophy, our lifestyle choices and habits have a major effect on our health and our state of well-being. These habits consist of the ways in which we care for ourselves: how we nourish our bodies and minds (through eating choices/habits, personal care products, the thoughts we have, and more), exercise and rest, endure stress, respond to the environment we live in, etc.

Modern lifestyles provide us with the gifts of ease and comfort, but also catalyze the development of many diseases.

We live in constant stress. Our diet is mostly processed, frozen, canned, and/or full of preservatives. It is high in calories and low in nutritional value, so we gain weight but starve for nutrients. We don't move enough but we don’t get enough rest either. We hide from the healing light of the sun and breathe polluted air. And when we get sick, we pop a pill and go about our day.

It is obvious then that western lifestyle exposes us to the ingestion and inhalation of many synthetic chemical substances. Those are toxins that our bodies were not designed to handle. They then enter the bloodstream and deposit in different tissues, creating inflammation and malfunction. When an organ or a tissue does not function well, we call it a disease.

It has been proven repeatedly with tens of thousands of people worldwide: when you make good changes in your habits and lifestyle choices, then your body shifts its course and moves towards health.

It is only logical that if straying away from nature makes us sick, then going back to nature will improve our health.

It is that simple!

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